vintage collection

Ahhh, the elegance of vintage fine china. Living succulents transform these vessels into charming miniature gardens.  The custom collection offers a selection of vintage, fine china teacups, teapots, bowls, gravy boats, sugar and creamer. Use them as a centerpiece for a special occasion or add a special touch to any indoor or outdoor space.  You can customize your arrangement by selecting your vessel and succulents from our menu.


Add color to any space in your home or workplace with an orchid, houseplant and succulent combination arrangement that are low maintenance and long-lasting. The orchid arrangement is available in a variety of vessels and colors to match your décor and personal taste. Perfect as a business, sympathy, housewarming, and “thank you” gift-giving arrangement.


The warm tones of the terracotta pots and the colorful embellishments will add interest to any indoor and outdoor location. Paired with a unique cactus, the terracotta arrangement will please its owner. Our terracotta selection may change based on availability, but our offerings will be thoughtfully selected for quality and visual interest.

the beasts

This collection of white ceramic animal planters is sure to please all ages, novice and seasoned gardeners alike. The beasts can be displayed indoor or outdoor. If you want the beast closer to your work or study space, the live Haworthia succulent that comes with it will continue to thrive indoors with limited light and minimal watering. Average size is 3 inches x 4 inches.

teeny tabbies

Meet Giddy Gladys, Laughing Loretta, Mischievous Muray, Smiley Seymour, and Sad Sylvia. These feline friends are full of personality and their compact size of 2.5 inches x 3 inches make them the perfect companion for your home office, work cubicle, dorm room or practically anywhere. They hold a live Haworthia succulent that only requires minimal care. Collect them all!